This is the blood group with the highest risk of suffering a stroke as a young person

Cerebral heart attacks have increased at an alarming rate in the under-60s in recent years. And they found a possible amplifier.

That ictus among young people are on the rise. A genetic meta-analysis determined that there are Blood groups with increased risk of strokeif you are under 60 years old.

the stroke or cerebral stroke It occurs when blood can’t reach the brain because a vein is ruptured or blocked. The severity depends on how long the brain spends without a blood supply.

In Spain they are produced between 110,000 to 120,000 strokes per year, and 50% cause death or disabling consequences, according to data from the Spanish Society of Neurology. Now neurologists are concerned about how Stroke is increasing at an alarming rate in young people.

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in the past few years, Strokes in people aged 20 to 60 have increased from 25% to 31%. With the associated tragedy that when a 30- or 40-year-old suffers serious consequences after a stroke, e.g rehabilitation.

As our colleague Cristina Fernández explains to Business Insider, there have only been a few studies on this Causes of stroke in young people. For this reason, dr. Steven J. Kittner, professor of neurology at UMSOM and neurologist at the University of Maryland Medical Center, and his team conducted a mega study that was very insightful.

blood groups and stroke

Kittner and his team performed a meta-analysis of 48 studies on genetics and stroke. ischemic This included 17,000 patients with this circulatory disorder and nearly 600,000 healthy controls who had never experienced one.

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The study focused on genetic variants related to punchesand discovered a relationship between Genes linked to blood types and stroke in people under the age of 60.

That is the conclusion of the study People under 60 with type A blood have a 16% higher risk of having a stroke than the other blood groups. Instead of this those who are Type 0 are 12% less likely tono stroke.

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How do I find out my blood type

That seems to be the reason Blood group A favors the occurrence of blood clotsaccording to dr Kittner: “it likely has something to do with blood clotting factors like platelets and the cells that line blood vessels, as well as other circulating proteins, all of which play a role in the development of blood clots.”

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Although the percentages of have a stroke depending on your blood group there is, the report concludes shouldn’t be a cause for concern, because this percentage is applied to the point risk. That means if you have a 2% chance of having an ischemic stroke because of your health or genes, and you’re Type A, that extra 16% is applied to 2%, which brings it up to 2.3%, which is is not worrying.

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