What is IPTV, how it works, Kodi and best free TV channel lists

If you ask how you can watch TV today, many of you will surely name antenna cable, the typical cable of all life, satellite or streaming. But there are also those IPTV (IP TV), a system that uses the internet and playlists to allow you to watch ours favorite stationeither on a TV, computer, smartphone or tablet.

When the IPTV system became popular, it seemed that it would be a way of watching TV that would spread and become a great alternative. However, these predictions did not come true and even became a fraudulent business as there is currently a black market for IPTV Listings pretty wide pirate.

It wasn’t as successful as expected, mainly due to the complex infrastructure required, both in terms of bandwidth and improving the streaming system itself. Most operators have discarded this technology and stuck with some with their own infrastructure, but only in exceptional cases.

Today it is difficult to make this system work again on a global scale. because it would be difficult to keep up with OTT platforms like Netflix, HBO or Amazon Prime Video. Also, users would not be able to distinguish the systems from each other.

Currently, IPTV is more geared towards people who know how the whole list system works and use it to their advantage. We really need to distinguish between what legal IPTV is and what is paid for, what can be found on the internet whose legality is debatable to say the least.

All about IPTV:

What is IPTV?

That IPTV (Internet Protocol TV) is a system that allows us to watch our favorite TV channels via an IPwhich means we use the internet for that.

The way IPTV works is different than streaming platforms like Netflix or HBO Max. What this system does is reserve part of the bandwidth the Internet connection for your own business.

It means that will have occupied part of the network which we have contractually agreed with our operator. This type of connection makes Create a private and direct network between the operator and the userSo now you will better understand why part of “our internet” goes to this system.

What the operator will do is compress the video signal and send it to an IP address assigned. For his part, the user must have a Decoder capable of decompressing and decoding the signal received in order to be able to see the result on television in this way.

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The main benefit that the user will have with an IPTV system is that by having part of their connection exclusively for this system, Image quality will always be high and with low probability of signal dropout even if we have many devices connected to our network.

When we talk about the cons, we need to include them for pretty much the same reason. The fact that part of the connection we contracted for is lost means that the rest of the devices using the internet have less speed.

On the other hand, as we mentioned earlier, the maintenance costs are high, which means that the service is also more expensive than what we see on streaming platforms, for example.

Not the same as OTT

Although it may seem that we are talking about the same way of working as Amazon Prime Video or DAZN, one of the most important OTT platforms today, the truth is that this is not the case.

Services OTT (exaggerated) Broadcast all your audio, video and other content over the internet without occupying exclusively any part of our network and without operator intervention.

These OTT services can be free, as is the case with YouTube, or pay a monthly fee, as is the case with Netflix. Whatever it is, all of these streaming TV services are broadcast openly on the internet.

The IPTV lists

Everything we’ve seen so far could be called official IPTV, but there’s also a part of it that we can consider unofficial.

If you entered this article to know what the IPTVSurely you’ve heard somewhere that this is a system that allows one TV channel by streaming thanks to their lists.

Well, when we talk about these lists, we’re referring to Text files containing information to be able to watch different IPTV television channelsas long as we have software prepared for this, either on the computer, on TV or on our mobile devices.

The main extensions of these files with IPTV content they are usually m3u, m3u8 or w3ualthough there are a few more.

Kodi, the most used software

Although we will continue to speak before the IPTV lists, we must stop at the section of software we need to play this kind of files.

There are extremely popular streaming software like VLC media player that are compatible with IPTV lists. But there is also IPTV applications like WisePlay, IPTV Smarters Lite or IPTV Extreme, which are also very popular.

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But if there is one, it is mainly because of its enormous potential for IPTV playback This is code.

With this software we can convert our TV, computer or our mobile devices (even for Raspberry) to media centers where we can manage everything that is the IPTV system.

Kodi replaces the classic application XBMC (Xbox Media Center) since 2014 and since then the number of users using this software has increased.

One of Kodi’s great advantages is that it’s open source (GNU/GPL license), so any knowledgeable user can manipulate it to offer new features or compatibility, something that, for example Extreme IPTV has not.

We are also talking about a Application that is fully modular and that can be managed to suit our tastes and place everything the way we want it. You will be able Change interface themes or place so-called add-onsthat is, new functionalities that we can integrate to improve the program.

With one of these add-ons we can add IPTV television content and channels, integrate services of the likes of Plex or YouTube, listen to the radio and even use cloud storage systems.

Kodi preset

To use Kodi, the most widespread IPTV application today, we just have to download it from its official page.

When entering the download website, two download options are presented, some of which are called Release and are the official ones, while the Nightly options are still beta tests.

  • Once installed, let’s open and configure it before seeing how to integrate the IPTV lists.
  • Since it comes in English, it’s best to write it in Spanish and for that you have to click gear icon that we have at the top left to enter Attitude.
  • Then we have to click settings interfacethen click language and it is the moment when we must choose the Spanish to install and change it.

Add playlists on Kodi

Now let’s see how they can Add IPTV lists in m3u formatthe most common file type in Kodi.

It’s a lot simpler than you might first imagine:

  • The first is Open code and click on the section addons (left part of the screen)
  • Let’s get to the section Downloads and then to PVR customers.
  • Now we must search PVR IPTV Simple Client and click on this option.
  • We click To install, When the installation is complete, it will notify us. If we want to add more lists later, we don’t need to do this step.
  • When it’s installed, let’s enter Attitude.
  • Here we need to configure our list. in the location we choose remote route (internet address) and in URLs We write the address of our IPTV list.
  • After that click OK.
  • At this point we must Restart Code for the changes to take effect.
  • Once it reopens, we would only have access to it TV and then to channels. When they are all loaded we can see the different channels.
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The best lists of free tv channels

The IPTV listing system could be divided into two parts, those who are free or that have been made available to us different websites and for which we have to pay.

Be it one or the other, the truth is that the origin of all of them is at least doubtful, since in many cases there can be illegal duplications of movies or series from streaming platforms or television channels that are paid and therefore this retransmission is not legal .

Both those that are free and those that charge us for usage tend to have from time to time some kind of judgment or judgementalthough this isn’t really the most annoying thing as we may have paid for one of these lists so they disappear after a short period of time without notice.

Secondly, There are lists on the internet that are completely free and which we can use without having to pay a single euro. Some are known and widely used by users of the IPTV system.

Several of the best free m3u lists for iptv in spain which we can now find are:

You have to remember that you are Free IPTV Lists can stop working at any time though free channels in the open (not paid) you should have no problems.

As you have seen, everything related to IPTV is easier to understand than you probably first imagined.

If your operator still markets IPTV, it can be an excellent way to have television in your home and if you want to use it at a private level with lists, you already know how to do it, in addition to some of the best Ways to watch channels for free.

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