What is NBA 2K23 error code 6f8ce31b?

NBA 2K23 has received a lot of positive feedback from the gaming community. 2K Sports has reintroduced the Jordan Challenges after more than a decade and has given several facets of the game a major overhaul. MyPlayer Builder has many upgrades, as does the storyline in MyCareer.

The game has been out for about two weeks and of course, multiple bugs and glitches will appear as millions of players log in to play. Some of these errors have been around for years and are easy to fix, most notably error codes 6f8ce31b and 727e66ac.

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These are connection and network related error codes that appear when the player is unable to connect to the game. The 6f8ce31b error code has been irritating players since NBA 2K19, but they can try a few fixes to see if the issue gets resolved for their console.

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What is error code 6f8ce31band how to fix it in NBA 2K23?

The J. Cole quest in NBA 2K23 MyCareer
The J. Cole quest in NBA 2K23 MyCareer

In NBA 2K23, error code 6f8ce31b is most commonly seen after or during the J. Cole quest in MyCareer. For some it appears when trying to load their save game.

Seeing an error code like this is especially frustrating as players put in hours of play and some even spend money. Of course, players don’t want to lose progress, so many panic when error code 6f8ce31b pops up.

Since this is a connection error, 2K Sports is working 24/7 to ensure the error fixes itself and initially the code never shows up. The error can also be due to a corrupt saved file or poor internet connection. However, players can try a few things:

1) Off and on again: The age old trick of turning your system/console off and then back on to see if the error goes away. Often the system will heat up and cause connection issues, so wait a few minutes before launching NBA 2K23 again.

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2) Connection check: Check your WiFi or Ethernet connection. Make sure the wires are securely connected and insulated. Also check your firewall/router and its settings.

3) Check for updates: Check if your NBA 2K23 file/game has been updated to the latest version. It’s possible that 2K Sports released a patch and fixed the bug in their latest OTA update. Also, check or update your graphics drivers.

4) Exit after opening MyCareer: Corresponding Reddit User Woah2200, the error can be resolved by exiting MyCareer once the main screen appears. Load MyCareer and do not close the app until the menu appears. Then press R1/RB until you see the Exit option and you will land on the home screen. Repeat this process twice.

5) Select game from MyPlayer Builder: Corresponding Reddit Critical-Ad-1703 user, do not attempt to load a save game from the main menu; Enter the game through the MyPlayer builder instead. Create a build and before you select a team, go back to the build selector and select your main game.

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6) Check game files: Check the game files under Properties. and if a file is corrupted or missing, it will be deleted and reinstalled.

7) Pickup game in The Neighborhood: There’s no explanation as to how this works, but many players have found that a quick pick-up game in The Neighborhood solves the problem. This won’t work in The City, but there’s no harm in trying this old trick.

8) Uninstall and reinstall: A drastic measure when nothing else works is to uninstall and then reinstall NBA 2K23 on your device. You run the risk of losing your progress if you haven’t backed up the data to the cloud. So make sure your files are saved before deleting the game.

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