Where to buy Adidas AdiFom Q sneakers? Price, release date, and more explored

German sportswear giant Adidas launches more iterations of its newly launched AdiFom Q sneakers that take inspiration from the planets. The three-stripe label has announced that it will be launching a Cosmic Way Runners collection that includes two iterations of AdiFom Q and two iterations of Supernova Cushion 7 sneakers.

Launching via Adidas’ official e-commerce site in Neptune and Mars colorways, the AdiFom Q sneakers follow the monochromatic aesthetic in planet-inspired hues. The label has not yet announced the release date for the new iterations of the AdiFom Q sneakers. But according to media outlet Complex, the collection, dubbed Cosmic Way Runners, will launch in December 2022.

However, sneaker leak account Soleretriever claims that the collection will launch in spring-summer 2023. None of the release information has yet been directly confirmed by Adidas.

More about the two upcoming colorways from Adidas AdiFom Q sneaker from the Cosmic Way Runners collection

Two upcoming colorways of Adidas AdiFom Q sneakers from the Cosmic Way Runners collection (Image via Sportskeeda)
Two upcoming colorways of Adidas AdiFom Q sneakers from the Cosmic Way Runners collection (Image via Sportskeeda)

The German sportswear giant might be in hot water with its biggest collaborator and longtime partner Kanye, but it hasn’t hampered the brand’s ability to release the semi-controversial AdiFom Q sneakers. The label introduced these sneakers in June, after which the shoes were officially released on September 2, 2022.

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AdiFom Q sneakers have been dubbed a copy of Yes Intellectual Property, Foam Runners, by high-profile celebrities like Swizz Beats and Diddy. However, these sneakers are now making a journey into space and exploring planets in the galaxy under the Cosmic Way Runners collection.

Sneakerheads have been eagerly awaiting the new Cosmic Way Runners collection ever since the three-stripes company shared two of its upcoming styles with media house Complex. Both models are inspired by manned space exploration, and the collection brings these two silhouettes to Neptune and Mars.

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According to information revealed by Complex, the label confirmed that the models take inspiration from the

“Exploration and colonization of other planets.”

The AdiFom Q sneakers therefore theorize a concept of a futuristic sneaker collection that has gone through space. The first iteration in the collection is the AdiFom Q Mars, which has been dressed in a faded tan hue with hints of orange. The upper is made from a foam exoskeleton and sits over the internal Primeknit boot.

The sneaker’s Primeknit bootie is also dressed in a tonal hue to complement the secondary exoskeleton piece. The neoprene tongue, iconic Trefoil logo and laces further accentuate the tonal hue. The Trefoil logo appears to be branded above the tongue and embossed on the heel, with an adiPLUS logo embossing. The already mentioned adiPLUS technology is added to the internal booty that offers the highest level of comfort.

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The second colorway offered in the Cosmic Way Runners collection is the AdiFom Q Neptune. Continuing the worn effect, the pair are decorated in tones of blue with touches of black, underscoring their beloved aesthetic.

The foam exoskeleton is dressed in a bluish-black hue, while the Primeknit liner is a deep navy blue. The tongue and laces are also dressed in a deep navy blue. The internal Primeknit bootie helps attach the adiPLUS cushioning to the organically designed outer foam shell. The look of the sneaker is rounded off by a tonal outsole, which appropriates the bluish-black hue.

Both colorways of the AdiFom Q are said to be available through Adidas’ official e-commerce site with a retail price of $140.

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